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Regular events on the second to last Thursday of each month.


Every third Thursday with six rounds plus a picture round. £2 per head entry with all the monies collected as prizes to the teams finishing in in the top three after count back.

The quiz features White Hart, 'local' and epic music-themed rounds. 


After many years of neglect we have fully refurbished the Skittles Alley. Available either for team/league use or for private entertainment. On display is a unique collection of over 300 bottles of beer spanning over half a century. David Morgan’s extensive brewery contacts contributed to many of the unopened bottles with some that were “trials” never issued in the general market.


The refurbished skittles alley was “christened” in a wonderfully informal way by a group of ladies who were just having fun. The inaugural ‘slings’ were a showpiece double header just to celebrate. The skittles alley whilst hosting our home teams is open for all to enjoy at any time. A little advanced notice is helpful so we can put on the heating if it gets cold.


The skittles alley is available for functions, birthday parties and meetings with no hiring charge.


The Birthday Board is updated daily for anyone with a birthday to both have a drink on us but also to see who shares the same birthday. We reckon we are unique in Dorset and surrounding Counties and indeed the country as a whole with this announcement board. We love sharing days of celebration.



Image by Markus Spiske


David’s childhood and early teenage days were often spent on his grandfather’s farm, just east of Worcester. Half of the farm was devoted to the production of Goldings hops under contract with Whitbread. These hops were used for brewing at the Flowers Brewery on Monson Avenue, Cheltenham back then. Every August, all the hop "strings" (as they were known) were hand-picked. A small army of families, the same ones every year, would come down from the car plants in both Oxford and Birmingham to holiday on the farm and help pick hops into giant sack troughs. David played the role of one of the "runners," providing bread, cheese, water, and cider (which was made on the farm) to the thirsty pickers as they sat removing the hop flowers from the strings.


The fragrance of fresh hops, always during the second or third week of August each year, brings back many memories. Hops are to beer what salt and pepper are to food; they contribute a unique range of flavours to the barley and malt used in the brewing process. The White Hart stands out in West Dorset for its use of these wonderful aromatic fresh hops. These hops release a distinct perfume from the hop flowers and were historically used as a form of air filtration, especially in the days when smoking was common in bars. As they gradually dry out, they will be replaced with seasonal decorations around Christmas.


Our neighbours in the field at the bottom of the car park. This small herd of alpacas are very gentle and naturally curious. They can often be viewed when you are visiting the White Hart.

Skittles Alley
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